Kwara Camp

Flew off to Kwara on the delta. A great flight that let see the areas we had been in and where we were going from the air. Particularly the water. Again met at the small airstrip and taken to the camp where we got a really friendly welcome again. Met our guide, Hobbs and tracker, kel B. Did not envy his job as he sat on the front of the jeep on a special seat. Both born and bred in Botswana and were really knowledgeable.

Accommodation was great here, the honeymoon suite, what a treat. But very loud at nights with the baboons and birds and Inpala making a lot of noise . the camp was interesting as a family of warthogs wandered through, followed by an elephant and dozen or so impala.

Driving around in the delta area was also a real challenge. there was so much water. we drove through some areas with our feet up and the driver sitting on the door as the water gushed into the car. when we were through the water the doors were opened for the water to run out. Advised not to try this at home.

Animal life in the delta was just amazing. we saw hyenas , giraffes, leopards, lions, warthogs, hippos, crocodiles, cheetah with three cubs, monkeys, elephants and ostrich. However the treat was to see some wild dogs that are very rare and endangered.

In fact we had to drive through an elephant road block and watched the wild dogs watching  a crocodile. They were really dancing around to keep their eye on it. Great fun. other amazing sight was tracking a cheetah as it was hunting. what a turn of speed when it attacked. Unlucky for it as it missed the impala that it was after.


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