And finally Labala Camp

Flew up to Labala for our final camp. Lower level flight this time and we could clearly see animals on the ground and around watering holes. Labala turned out to be a lovely camp , again with great people. All Botswana and very welcoming. Our accommodation this time was really excellent. More than just a classy tent. More of a lodge with a raised viewing deck. Still had showers out the back in the fresh air.

The main sitting and dining area had a fire pit that was lit at night and again in the morning to boil the kettle and cook the porridge. But food , drink and service were fabulous. And the staff sung to us in the evening before diner, a real treat and so friendly and cheerful. Christine even had a wee dance with them, but you might have guessed that.

There was a lovely pool area to sit in the afternoons and get some sun. Mossies not bad at all.

our guide this time was Ishmael and the tracker GT. both great and managed to find some interesting wild life. Tracked two male lions by following tracks and vultures in the sky. Incredible really.

Bit of fun as we got stuck in water. Ishmael and GT out to dig us out with water up to their knees. Our job was to keep an eye on the lurking crocodile and hippos. Luckily we managed to get towed out and all was well.

Another highlight was a pride of 17 lions. Beautiful creatures. We were really close. Also had a bit of a scare with some very large and unsettled elephants but they moved on. As we headed back we came across a leopard and again tracked it for a while. Sat in the jeep within touching distance. Wow!

So safari over we headed back to the airstrip the next day to fly home. Found the runway teaming with animals, impala, elephants and ostrich. Managed to clear most but as plane flew in it dived over the ostrich and circled before it landed. Not quite Heathrow!

So adventure till the last. Botswana was an incredible and amazing experience!


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