The safari begins

From Durban we flew to Johannesburg and were met at the airport to unload our golf clubs and suitcases. We took a small bag each on our next flight. The meet and greet was great as we were guided all through the huge airport and had our bags securely stored! The next flight was to Maun , the tourist capital of Botswana where we were going to pick up another flight to our first camp, Camp Kalahari. Maun airport was tiny compared with Johannesburg. But in hindsight pretty big in comparison to our next stop! Little did we know.

We walked across the runway to a group of small planes. Our one was an 8 seater and there were 6 of us flying , including the pilot. He suggested Ewan sits alongside him up front. Exciting but scary as we took off for our one hour flight that ended up being a fascinating first experience of the country we had just entered.

on arrival at the next airstrip, in a field really, we flew over first to check if there were any animals on the runway. Luckily not , just a few puddles as it was the rainy season in Botswana, but this was meant to be a pretty dry area.

Greeted by our guide, Bart , we drove to the camp along dirt roads and got a fantastic welcome from the staff and the mossies. Camp Kalahari was very traditional with thatched roof sitting and dining areas with individual tents for each guest.

Tents were clean and sufficient but a bit more basic than we had imagined. They did have a real bed and en-suite facilities so not too bad. Even had electricity, some we heard still used hurricane lamps! So after a spider hunt and a check for mossies we cleaned up and went straight  out on safari.

Our guide, Bart, was a really knowledgeable guy who had lived in Botswana was over 20 years and was a botanist. So we not only found out about the animals but the plant life, birds, geography and geology of the area as well.Fascinating!

When we returned to camp we had another friendly welcome, jugs of warm water to wash our hands and facecloth to wipe down. This was followed swiftly by beer, g&t and then dinner and wine. The food was delicious. So day one was a real success. As it turned out everything was successful as we were treated so well by everyone.

Next morning we were woken at 6.00 am with a tray of tea and biscuits, this was followed by breakfast at 6.30 and then safari drive at 7.00, back at 11.30 for lunch followed by a siesta until 4.00. Much needed after a good lunch! And then back on the road to see more of the country and the plant and animal life.




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