South Africa


Flew into Durban airport, picked up a car and headed off to see Ewan’s Cousin and family who he not seen for 40 years. We all had a few more grey hairs but made really welcome. In fact at the gate of the house we were met by two noisy German Shpherd dogs, but once we were inside they were in fact friendly and a little timid. Lovely dogs and certainly there were no security problems! Met the family, Evelyn, Graham and the three ( now grown up ) children , Sean, Lisa and Laura. Had a really good BBQ one night next to the pool. Great chat round the table from all, but more so the young ones who are all doing really well.

next Day played golf at Zimbali golf club and met up with a really nice couple from the borders. Gold was really good as was the wildlife on the course, monkeys, Bucks and numerous birdies. Another outing in the Durban area was to meet some Zulu dancers. A really colourful show and learnt a bit about the traditions of the Zulu tribes from Natal.

Finished off with a lovely dinner out with Evelyn and Garaham before we said our farewells and headed off to Durban airport and the next phase of our journey . Botswana next!



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