Camp Kalahari wildlife

The animal life at Camp Kalahari included 4500 zebra, a few hundred wildebeest, Impala, Steenbok, spring hares, Cape hares, and countless birds. The Meerkats were fantastic , especially the baby ones. We also saw mongoose, and ground squirrels. The birds included lilac breasted rollers, loads of vultures , nightjars and helicopter birds.

We also saw a python who had just eaten a whole hare only to regurgitate it. That was spotted by the bushmen that we were meeting. They also showed us how to get water in the desert and dug up a scorpion to show us. That was followed by lighting a fire using just two sticks. Very talented in their own way.

The biggest surprise to us was the amount of water in the desert. Dirt roads were impassable in many areas and we were up to our ankles in water as we walked to see the meerkats. The driving was amazing, but only stuck in the mud once!

Off next day to the Okavango delta but first sundowners and dinner!


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