South Africa

The Garden Route

We have now left the wine lands and heading down the Garden Route. But not before we had our wine tour.

Our driver from Ilios Travel arrived and was a man called Ash. Really knowledgeable and a great guide for the day. We managed three vineyards plus a good lunch at Terroir restaurant. The first winery was the best where we sampled nine wines (9)  and cheeses to match. A good efforts before lunch. A walk around Stellenbosch helped us sober up. Other vineyards were only four wines each so the bottle of wine with lunch helped to keep the alcohol levels up.

However in between drinks Ash gave us a wealth of information about District 6 and how at the age of 19 he , with his family who had built and owned there own house was evicted by the regime in 1979. The best bit though is that he bounced back made a real success of his life and his kids are now at or though university and have had opportunities he missed out on. His attitude was that of Mandela, look forward and not back!

Got home went to bed at 7.30 and slept well that night!

We left Franschhoek via the Franschhoek Pass. An incredibly scenic journey, in fact a scary road! That started us on our way via a changing landscape onto the Garden Route. Vast areas and really structured field layouts with vines, fruit trees and cereal crops.

Then onto swellendam to stay in the Bloom Estate. A really fantastic guest house , just perfect, idealic. The owner suggested a restaurant for us to eat in and we had  a crocodile starter followed by antelope! Well Ewan did and Christine had pork, but African style pork. Delicious and all washed down with a bottle of pilotage.

But off on the road again now so we will see what is in store next!




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