South Africa

Cape Town last 2 days.

img_0280Decided to visit Cape of Good Hope, via Simons Town and Boulders beach to see the penguins. Had a really good day. Weather and bit overcast in the morning but seeing the penguins and bird life generally around the beach made up for it. Saw a gull steal a penguin egg and take it to a rock to break it and feast on the contents. Nature at work!

Travelled onto Cape point and Cape of good hope where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. Spectacular and worth the visit. Had a good meal in the evening at Harbour House in Kalk Bay. Excellent restaurant overlooking the ocean and entertained by the seals on the rocks.

On Friday we spent time in Cape Town waterfront and also visited District 6 museum. Fascinating history. Had afternoon tea with Zandy’s mum and dad. They have a beautiful house overlooking Table Mountain.

Left Cape Town on Saturday morning after a visit to the Old Biscuit Mill for coffee and then a ceramics exhibition inspired by African artists. Another amazing experience, this included a chat with an author of a book on the Okavango Delta and a resident of Botswana. Karen Ross was the lady and has spent a lifetime as a conservationist.

But all downhill now as we head off to Franschhoek to play golf and drink wine. Shame but someone has to do it.



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